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Our expertise in printing is well known in the printing and art industry.

Print-MD is owned by Dean and Nancy Malatesta. Print-MD was founded in November of 2008. During their 47 years together they have learned that commitment isn’t always easy but the rewards are great. They bring this same commitment to their customers.

Nancy was a school psychologist for 33 years in the Franklin Massachusetts system. In addition to her degrees in psychology, Nancy also has a degree in art history. This degree has proved to be very helpful in the work Print-MD does in fine art reproduction and photo restoration. Her skills in design have also found a home in the areas of invitations and banners.

Dean has spent 41 years in the computer industry. As a programmer and a systems analyst he has worked for the early innovators of the computer industry, Control Data, Data General, Versatec, and Xerox. Later he was a founding member of Seiko Instruments, a world leader in print technology. He was also a founder of Praxisoft Management Company, a software color management firm. This software was utilized by such varied entities as Scotland Yard, Irish Independent Newspapers, Cosmopolitan, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie and Fitch to ensure that the color printed was accurate and correct. Dean is currently working with the worlds largest manufacturer of Grande Format Printers in a consulting role dealing with inkjet print heads.

His expertise in printing is well know in the printing and art industries.