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Toner Recycling

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Toner FAQ

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Print-MD provides a pickup service for used toner cartridges. This ensures that the plastic casings are used again and that the casing are kept out of landfills. This also helps to keep the cost of toner cartridges down.

This service is available to Print-MD's local customers.

Print-MD will work with recycling companies in other parts of the US to ensure that all of Print-MD customers have the capability to recycle if they so wish.

Please contact us for more details.

Reuse/ Recycle

When your cartdridge is feeling low, don’t discard it, re-use it. Come in to Print-MD today to recycle your old cartdridges.


Not Just for Cans

Recycling unused printer cartridges reduces your business’ carbon footprint.

Save Money

By recycling/re-using old toner, you save significantly over purchasing new replacements.